10 Big-time op­er­a­tor

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If you’re at col­lege you may be able to bor­row some high-end equip­ment. I rec­om­mend a 50mm cam­era, soft box and tri­pod, cam­era re­mote con­trol, and a com­puter with Live Shoot­ing Mode soft­ware loaded. This shot was taken with a Canon 5Ds us­ing Dig­i­tal Photo Pro­fes­sional soft­ware, which shows what my cam­era sees live on a com­puter screen. This en­ables me to study smaller de­tails, such as the ex­pres­sive ges­tures of the model’s hands while shoot­ing with a re­mote con­trol.

One of the sim­plest ways to get your di­rec­tion across clearly is to act it out for the model be­fore­hand

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