Load­ing a mesh to sculpt

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The first thing you’ll need is some ge­om­e­try to work with. There are var­i­ous ways to do this, but the eas­i­est is by open­ing the Light­box and choos­ing some­thing from the Tools tab. Doubleclick it, drag it out on to the can­vas and press T to make it ed­itable.

Your first strokes might not look like much, but they’re the foun­da­tions for ev­ery­thing you learn to do. Your first stroke will be one with

height. Try hold­ing down Alt while you

do an­other one, mak­ing

an in­dent. To make the most of your view­port hit the F key to fit it to your workspace.

Drag­ging out your cho­sen tool en­ables you to de­fine its ini­tial size in the workspace. ZBrush ships with a num­ber of pre­set tools, from sim­ple ge­om­e­try to full hu­man fig­ures and much more. Hit­ting the Light­box

but­ton once you’ve cho­sen your tool will hide it, for an un­re­stricted

workspace view.

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