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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.cristin­ Email: cristin­ me­dia: Acrylic gouache, pas­tels, inks Cristina stud­ied il­lus­tra­tion at the School of Vis­ual Arts in New York City, where she’s based to­day. Her tech­nique in­cludes sub­tle lay­ers of acrylic washes com­bined with var­i­ous mixed me­dia such as acrylic gouache, chalk pas­tel and sumi ink.

From this tra­di­tional start­ing point, she brings her pieces into Pho­to­shop where they’re de­tailed. “I aim to ex­press the jux­ta­po­si­tion of dark and beauty within my work,” Cristina reveals.

1 Fire Acrylic, 14x20in

“Af­ter read­ing Firestarter by Stephen King, I was in­spired to paint a mock cover. I wanted to work with pat­terns, and a re­peat­ing pat­tern of fire was an in­ter­est­ing vis­ual graphic to help cre­ate a sense of un­easi­ness that’s a per­sis­tent el­e­ment in the novel.”

2 Roost Acrylic, 22x30in

“Roost was cre­ated in re­sponse to a ju­ried chal­lenge by Jon Schin­de­hette of ArtOrder for the art book IN­SPIRED. The aim was to draw your in­spi­ra­tion and I chose the taxi­dermy dis­plays at the Mu­seum of Nat­u­ral His­tory in NYC, which I al­ways loved as a child.”

3 Psy­che Acrylic, sumi ink, chalk pas­tel, 11x15in

“This is pre­lim­i­nary cover art­work for a per­sonal story called Hind­sight, in which ravens are con­nected and sense tele­pathic pow­ers.”

4 Hind­sight Acrylic, 22x30in

“More art for my per­sonal story, Hind­sight. I wanted to cre­ate a sur­real vis­ual for the mo­ment when one of the char­ac­ters in the story is cor­rupted tele­path­i­cally by an oth­er­worldly be­ing. The im­agery of an as­tro­naut with wings was a strong sym­bol for the scene.”

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