Crown­ing of King Co­nan

Ar­gen­tine artist Tomás Giorello, who’s been draw­ing Co­nan since 2007, talks about his work on King Co­nan

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How did you get into draw­ing comics?

Af­ter high school, I stud­ied illustration and draw­ing comics with the Vil­la­gràn broth­ers. They taught me how to draw and how to get into the comic book field.

How did you end up draw­ing Co­nan?

I had fin­ished a five-year run on a Star Wars ti­tle at Dark Horse and was asked if I was in­ter­ested in re­plac­ing Cary Nord.

What me­dia did you use for Co­nan?

I used 0.5 2B and 0.7 2B pen­cils.

You drew Co­nan, Co­nan the Cim­me­rian and King Co­nan. How have you de­vel­oped him, and de­vel­oped as an artist, over the last nine years?

I think I’ve changed a lot. For some artists, draw­ing the same char­ac­ter gets te­dious, but for me it’s the op­po­site. The more you draw some­thing the bet­ter you get at it and the bet­ter it gets, and it’s very ex­cit­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence it. As for Co­nan, I’ve al­ways seen him as an ex­pe­ri­enced war­rior, so draw­ing him in his youth wasn’t easy for me. It was a great change when we jumped into his older years in King Co­nan. I got the chance to fi­nally give his face harder fea­tures and darker ex­pres­sions, and put scars on his body.

What’s been your favourite sto­ry­line?

Hour Of The Dragon and Wolves Be­yond The Bor­der, both in King Co­nan. Those sto­ries show more of his hu­man side. He feels the weight of his crown, finds love, yearns for her once she’s gone. It was a chance to show a wide range of ex­pres­sions, a more com­plex Co­nan. He’s not just a big guy with a sword.

Which is your favourite cover?

The first in the Wolves Be­yond The Bor­der set, be­cause it shows his spirit. He’s a king, he has every­thing power and gold can buy, but he stands there, sword in hand, his ar­mour bat­tered and cov­ered with blood, eyes wild and filled with dis­sat­is­fac­tion, look­ing for new hori­zons.

Which other Co­nan artists do you ad­mire most, and why?

John Buscema, Frank Frazetta, Al­fredo Al­cala, Nestor Re­dondo, Alex Niño, Cary Nord and many oth­ers. They all made the char­ac­ter big­ger and more real in one way or an­other, from the strength in Frazetta and Buscema’s Co­nan to the dy­namism and fresh­ness in Nord’s. But I tried not to look at them while draw­ing mine, so that I could come up with my own ver­sion of him.

Snake skin ©­ni­cholas

CON­QUER OR As he ages, Tomás gives him the look of a jaded cam­paigner, with grey beard to round it off. NO SA TISFA CTION The cover art for the Wolves Be­yond the Bor­der mini-se­ries is one of Tomás Giorelo’s favourites.

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