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Writer Joe Kelly Artist Ed McGuin­ness Pub­lisher Marvel For­mat On­go­ing

There’s no way that even Spi­der­Man can out-chat­ter the Merc With The Mouth. In­stead, Spidey is forced to be the ma­ture adult when Dead­pool decides to start hang­ing out with him in or­der to learn how to be a bet­ter hero. Lit­tle does Spidey know that Dead­pool’s been hired to as­sas­si­nate Peter Parker – ex­cept no-one told him that Spidey and Parker are the same per­son. Shenani­gans and pe­nis jokes in­evitably en­sue.

The art by Ed McGuin­ness is dy­namic and ex­pres­sive – quite a feat con­sid­er­ing both leads are wear­ing full-face masks – and writer Joe Kelly gets as close to the wire as Marvel will al­low with the gen­i­talia-ob­sessed Dead­pool’s dia­logue.

Dead­pool here is also close to the film ver­sion of the char­ac­ter – weird as hell, but like­ably earnest and de­voted to those he loves.

The only down­side to Spi­der­Man/Dead­pool is that, in­evitably, Spidey is cast as the killjoy and his usual wit and charm are lost. The fun of Spidey-Dead­pool team-ups is al­ways Spi­der-Man’s re­sis­tance to them, but that could be bet­ter bal­anced with his sense of hu­mour.

Ra ting In most Marvel team-ups, Spidey is the chatty one, driv­ing oth­ers to dis­trac­tion. But not here.

This is per­haps a more in­tel­li­gent and lin­ear-minded Dead­pool than we’re used to.

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