Recre­ate his­tory

Award-win­ning il­lus­tra­tor Tony DiTer­l­izzi con­jures up a charis­matic crea­ture from his past to be painted anew, to see what he’s learned in 20 years of illustration

ImagineFX - - Issue 137 August 2016 -

Tony DiTer­l­izzi con­jures up the past.

Al­though many may know me from the books that I’ve writ­ten and il­lus­trated for chil­dren, I be­gan my ca­reer as a free­lance artist work­ing on games such as Dun­geons & Dragons and Magic: The Gath­er­ing. Last year, Dark Horse Comics and Kitchen Sink Books re­leased REALMS: The Role­play­ing Game Art of Tony DiTer­l­izzi, which col­lected the best of my early work.

Al­though I was happy to see some of these old im­ages back in print again, I yearned to re­turn to the fan­tas­tic char­ac­ters that I drew way back when. I was cu­ri­ous to see how my tech­ni­cal abil­ity had pro­gressed over the 20 years that I’ve been il­lus­trat­ing pro­fes­sion­ally.

Tieflings are a race of half-fiends cre­ated for the RPG Planescape, and were show­cased when the game de­buted in 1994. These un­canny be­ings have re­mained pop­u­lar ever since, hav­ing been fea­tured in all sub­se­quent edi­tions of Dun­geons & Dragons. My old draw­ings of the tiefling were the first ever to be pub­lished, so I wanted to re­visit the sub­ject for a for­mal por­trait.

These an­no­ta­tions are from a 40-some­thing artist with some years of ex­pe­ri­ence be­hind a paint­brush, but still with much to learn. How­ever, if I could go back in time to 20-some­thing Tony, here are some the tips and tricks that I would sug­gest…

Award-win­ning au­thor and il­lus­tra­tor Tony has been cre­at­ing chil­dren’s books for over a decade. With Holly Black, he cre­ated the in­ter­na­tional mul­ti­mil­lion best­selling Spi­der­wick Chron­i­cles. See more of his art on In­sta­gram: @diter­l­izzi.

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