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Hello ImagineFX. I first bought your mag­a­zine for the tu­to­ri­als and have learnt so much from them down the years, they’re so help­ful and in­spir­ing. To be en­tirely truth­ful though – and I hope you can for­give me for this! – I was so en­grossed in them that I didn’t al­ways pay that much at­ten­tion to the rest of the mag­a­zine (sorry!).

That’s changed over the past few is­sues and I’ve be­come re­ally in­volved in some of the main feature ar­ti­cles. I es­pe­cially en­joyed the Co­nan one re­cently, hav­ing pre­vi­ously had no in­ter­est in him. The Magic: The Gath­er­ing story was ab­sorb­ing too. I’ve kept all of my old copies of the mag­a­zine (and in pris­tine con­di­tion, too!), so I’ll be delv­ing back into the ar­ti­cles. I may be some time! All I was writ­ing in to say, re­ally, was, keep up the great work! Ste­vie Sk­aggs, via email Beren replies Thanks for email­ing in Ste­vie. We’re al­ways glad to know our work has hit a note with read­ers, it makes all the ef­fort feel worth­while. What do other read­ers think? Are there any things in the mag­a­zine you es­pe­cially like or dis­like? Good and bad, write in and let us know!

Miss­ing link

I re­cently bought the ImagineFX Manga Artist Vol 2 dig­i­tal ver­sion for the Zinio app and in it there’s a link to re­sources. But when I click on it, it only leads me to a page that says “404 Page Not Found”. How can I pro­ceed to ac­cess the re­sources for this mag­a­zine please? Thank you very much! Bruno Katekawa, via email Beren replies Hello Bruno. Many thanks for buy­ing Manga Artist Vol 2 and get­ting in touch about the link. We’re very sorry it wasn’t work­ing when you tried it. The link is now fixed, so please re­visit it and down­load the work­shop re­sources you re­quire at your leisure. I hope you will en­joy learn­ing from, and be­ing in­spired by, them. We’re sorry again for your in­con­ve­nience, Bruno. If any other read­ers find a link of ours that isn’t work­ing, please do drop us a quick line and we’ll aim to get it fixed as soon as pos­si­ble.

Steve Sk­aggs en­joyed is­sue 137’s Co­nan story, de­spite not nor­mally giv­ing fea­tures any at­ten­tion (gasp!).

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