Pro­cre­ate 3.1

Sim­ply bril­liant Pro­cre­ate’s lat­est up­date makes the app for the iPad even bet­ter, with more work­flow en­hance­ments and 4K record­ing

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Even if you were new to the world of tablet-based paint­ing apps and un­aware of the ex­cel­lent rep­u­ta­tion Sav­age In­ter­ac­tive’s Pro­cre­ate app has es­tab­lished, from the mo­ment you launch Pro­cre­ate you know you’re in good hands.

Start­ing off con­fi­dently with a video tour that shows off some of the im­pres­sive works peo­ple have pro­duced with the app, you’ll in­stantly feel that Pro­cre­ate is ca­pa­ble of help­ing you make some gor­geous art­work, even when out and about.

Still only avail­able for iOS (sorry An­droid users!), ver­sion 3.1 im­proves Pro­cre­ate even fur­ther, with the abil­ity to ad­just the Stream­line set­tings that cor­rect and sta­bilise strokes for con­trolled line work. As a re­sult, lines ap­pear smooth even when paint­ing with your fingers. It gives you a lovely feel­ing of con­trol and it avoids that frus­tra­tion of in­ac­cu­rate lines that other apps can cause.

Se­lec­tions are now sim­pler, too. You can tap and drag across your art­work to se­lect sim­i­lar ar­eas. Cus­tom can­vases can now be mea­sured in pix­els, mm, cm and inches, and are au­tosaved so you can ac­cess your favourite set­tings eas­ily.

Clearly aware that peo­ple are us­ing Pro­cre­ate to make pol­ished art­work in­stead of sim­ple sketches, Sav­age has up­graded the app’s record and ex­port func­tions. So if you want to show off a time-lapse re­play of your art­work (the app records all of your brush­strokes while you work), you can now do so in 4K ul­tra high-def­i­ni­tion. There are also op­tions to ex­port art­work as PDFs or mul­ti­ple im­ages into one com­bined PDF.

Pro­cre­ate re­ally feels like an app that’s tak­ing steps to be­come some­thing you cre­ate art with from start to fin­ish, in­stead of some­thing you use to start sketch­ing and then fin­ish in, say, Pho­to­shop. The UI is clean and in­tu­itive, while re­main­ing un­clut­tered. This isn’t to say that Pro­cre­ate scrimps on op­tions – they’re sim­ply well or­gan­ised. Ob­vi­ously, Pro­cre­ate of­fers the usual sus­pects of brushes, tex­tures and selec­tion tools

Pro­cre­ate feels like an app that’s tak­ing steps to be­come some­thing you cre­ate art with from start to fin­ish

on hand, but there are also colour cor­rec­tion con­trols like Colour Bal­ance and Curves ad­just­ments, and if you’re run­ning the 64-bit ver­sion, Mo­tion Blurs and Per­spec­tive Blurs too.

The de­sign of Pro­cre­ate isn’t solely fo­cused on its fea­tures. Con­sid­er­able at­ten­tion is de­voted to im­prov­ing your work­flow within the app. Pro­gram­mable ges­tures that work in con­junc­tion with your fingers and the Ap­ple Pen­cil are there to speed things up, and a Mod­ify but­ton en­ables you to ac­cess the Eye­drop­per so quickly you can have a new colour se­lected and be paint­ing again within half a se­cond.

Pro­cre­ate is a bar­gain at only £4.49, and with free up­dates, it’s an es­sen­tial pur­chase for all cre­ative iOS users.

Pro­cre­ate’s brushes ben­e­fit from the Stream­line feature, which sta­bilises your strokes with pre­ci­sion ef­fect.

Sam Gil­bey, whose art is on show here, says Pro­cre­ate is the per­fect so­lu­tion for spon­ta­neous sketch­ing and draw­ing ses­sions.

If you own an iPad Pro then you can take ad­van­tage of ef­fects such as Mo­tion Blur.

The app en­ables you to con­fig­ure your workspace to suit your cre­ative process. The level of fi­nesse Pro­cre­ate of­fers you makes sketch­ing on the iPad se­ri­ously ap­peal­ing.

Pro­cre­ate is great for when you need to cre­ate some­thing on the go.

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