Sam Gil­bey

How Pro­cre­ate, the iPad Pro and Ap­ple pen­cil have changed

ImagineFX - - Reviews - www.samgilbey­il­lus­ Sam’s painterly il­lus­tra­tions com­bine dig­i­tal and ana­logue, for clients such as PlaySta­tion, Para­mount and Edgar Wright.

What are your favourite fea­tures in Pro­cre­ate?

Be­ing able to watch back videos of how my art­work was drawn! The split-screen app view also keeps photo ref­er­ence in view.

What fea­tures would you like to see in the next ver­sion?

It’d be great to add ad­just­ment lay­ers to tweak colours on the fly.

Have paint­ing apps on iPad Pro changed your work­flow?

They’re great for doo­dling ideas on the move, or do­ing per­sonal pieces. Oc­ca­sion­ally I’ve ex­ported some­thing to my iMac to evolve it.

How do you find us­ing an Ap­ple pen­cil to cre­ate art com­pared to us­ing your fingers?

In­fin­itely su­pe­rior. Draw­ing on an iPad with a fin­ger or sty­lus was a nov­elty, but took for­ever to get halfde­cent re­sults. With the pen­cil you can draw as you’d ex­pect to.

Are there any other cre­ative mo­bile/tablet apps you use?

Not re­ally. Adobe Comp has been handy. I’m al­ways in­ter­ested in new draw­ing apps. For now, Pro­cre­ate is my favourite.

Is there any­thing you don’t like about work­ing on an iPad?

The feel­ing that you’re draw­ing on some­thing glossy and shiny. Even though the pen­cil feels great, your palm doesn’t feel as com­fort­able as it does on pa­per.

Have paint­ing apps re­placed tra­di­tional sketch­ing for you?

Ab­so­lutely! I go dig­i­tal where I can. It’s more ef­fi­cient and flex­i­ble.

What is your favourite thing to draw?

The next face I’ve yet to cap­ture. Por­traits are what I can’t help but come back to.

If your draw­ings could come to life, what would be the first thing you’d cre­ate?

A few beers!

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