Thumb nail sketches

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A small thumb­nail sketch can be a help­ful way to con­cep­tu­alise a draw­ing. Thumb­nail sketches are of­ten used to quickly plan out com­po­si­tions be­fore be­gin­ning a paint­ing. The same can be done for plan­ning out a char­ac­ter’s pose. These of­ten take the form of small ges­ture draw­ings and they act as a trial stage to con­sider dif­fer­ent op­tions to con­vey an ac­tion.

Once I come up with a pose that I’m mostly happy with, I’ll re­fine the sketch on a new layer placed on top of the thumb­nail draw­ing. This ap­proach en­ables me to cre­ate a cleaner draw­ing, while hope­fully still re­flect­ing the ini­tial feel­ing of move­ment that I caught in the thumb­nail.

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