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The artist on pas­sion, per­fec­tion and the need to fin­ish a piece

What are you most look­ing for­ward to in 2017?

I’m hop­ing I’ll have time to work on a set of il­lus­tra­tions, and maybe call that my first art book. The most im­por­tant part is the re­search I’ve been do­ing to­wards it. It feels like my first solo flight, and a big step!

How im­por­tant it is to stay fresh as an artist?

Art is a pas­sion pur­suit. No one got in it to get rich, and keep­ing on top of your game as a pro is de­mand­ing. Stay­ing fresh means you’re in­ter­ested. Main­tain­ing this mo­men­tum is im­por­tant. If you don’t ac­tively seek it, you stag­nate.

Is there too much pres­sure on artists to keep evolv­ing?

There’s more pres­sure to fit into a mould than to stay fresh – par­tic­u­larly if you’re start­ing out. Do more of this; don’t in­vest time in that. It’s jar­ring for any­one who’s al­ready un­cer­tain of their stand­ings. My ad­vice is to have a goal and work to­wards it: it’s eas­ier to se­lect feed­back that works to­wards your goal and not against it. Ig­nore the rest as noise.

What ad­vice would you give artists for de­vel­op­ing their craft?

Work on small projects, and fo­cus on that goal. If your plan is to fin­ish one sketch ev­ery day for two weeks, con­cen­trate on fin­ish­ing – not on mak­ing them per­fect. Done with that? Now do a set of 10 land­scape stud­ies in a month – the best you can, in­side the time limit. Fin­ished? Great job! Move on. Try new things. Work with some­thing new. Keep in mind that the idea is to fin­ish. Be­ing per­fect comes af­ter you’ve ex­per­i­mented with new things, and found some­thing that piques your in­ter­est. Good luck!

Cur­rently work­ing free­lance for the games and comics in­dus­tries, Ur­sula is start­ing to ven­ture into book cov­ers.

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