Step-by-step: Build it up, but keep it sim­ple!

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation Artist Q&A -

Line of ac­tion helps me find the over­all move­ment of the char­ac­ter. You can see the line that flows through the front arm for an ex­cit­ing pose. Ges­ture helps us find the pose and or­ches­trate the dif­fer­ent el­e­ments of the de­sign like the ears or tail. Ges­ture is a great way to sketch out a pose. It’s not about ac­cu­racy; it’s about act­ing and move­ment.

Next, I start to find the vol­umes and shapes of the crea­ture. Boxes and cylin­ders can help with find­ing the per­spec­tive of your poses. It also helps me un­der­stand which way forms are turn­ing so I can bet­ter de­pict the vol­umes. I like to add lots of con­struc­tion lines to my im­age – the added tex­ture helps add some tooth to the dig­i­tal draw­ing.

From here, I start into de­tail. I’m look­ing for where I can in­di­cate weight. Keep­ing the forms flat­tened where they meet the ground will help it look like this crea­ture is ly­ing on a sur­face. I keep my lines heav­ier where there’s darker vol­umes and lighter to­ward ar­eas that are lit up. It’s a quick way to in­di­cate forms with­out a lot of ren­der­ing.

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