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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: Me­dia: Oil on can­vas

Of all the fig­ure artists in this fea­ture, the two most as­so­ci­ated with a re­al­is­tic art style are Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. But that’s not the whole story. “I think that when you’ve spent many years work­ing on re­al­ism and ac­cu­racy, it just starts to hap­pen that you want to veer off into some stylis­tic choices,” ex­plains Julie. “It’s a bit like play­ing with the tools that you’ve be­come so fa­mil­iar with.”

Th­ese tools in­clude an en­cy­clopaedic knowl­edge of the hu­man form, thanks to a back­ground in weightlift­ing – but more than that, of where the ac­tion is. “I look for the ba­sic en­er­getic line in a pose and draw that first. And then break it down. First the en­ergy line in the whole fig­ure, then in each leg, arm, hand and so on,” Julie says.

Of course, all artists started mak­ing marks when they were still in nap­pies, but what’s re­mark­able in this par­tic­u­lar fan­tasy art dream team is that Julie pipped Boris to the post by four years. “The first hu­man I drew was a model in art school when I was 14,” Boris re­calls. This is Julie’s cue: “Start­ing when I was about 10 years old, I would get pic­tures from mag­a­zines and draw beau­ti­ful ladies in my sketch­books. I loved cre­at­ing all kinds of cool fash­ions for them. It was very girly. Not the heroic stuff that I would do now.”

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