Even Mehl Amund­sen

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“It’s a great can­vas,” says the Nor­we­gian artist, “and a sub­ject for learn­ing that never stops giv­ing. There is al­ways a new as­pect, be it some­thing in the de­tails or some­thing in the whole to learn from.”

Even has made his name as a con­cept artist with an ex­cep­tional han­dling of hu­man anatomy. Daily sketches posted on Face­book re­veal his eye for deft de­tail, but the forms un­der­neath the ren­der­ing are to­tally con­vinc­ing, and al­ways in­ter­est­ing.

And he has no doubt that the real fun is to be had at the sketch stage, “al­most by def­i­ni­tion. Be­cause the mo­ment you go from im­pres­sion to de­lib­er­a­tion, you’re no longer be­ing spon­ta­neous.”

How­ever, there are ways around this prob­lem. “When you lose the dy­namic sense, you can so eas­ily kill the drama of a piece. But in the pur­suit of pre­serv­ing that drama we have so­lu­tions rang­ing from Frazetta and his the­atri­cal ex­ag­ger­a­tions, to the fluid, al­most an­i­mated lines of [comic artist] Bastien Vivès.”

And what keeps Even en­thused about his favourite sub­ject mat­ter? “An awe at suc­cess­fully mak­ing a sim­pli­fied il­lu­sion of the three di­men­sional in two di­men­sions,” he states. “The ex­tra­or­di­nary un­der­stand­ing of one as­pect of the form or an­other, be it anatom­i­cal or that of move­ment, or ideally some unique mix­ture of the two. That gives me great plea­sure.”

There’s al­ways some­thing new, in the de­tails or in the whole, to learn from

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