Vanessa Le­men

ImagineFX - - Fantastic Figures - Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.vanes­sale­me­ Me­dia: Oil on can­vas and board

Vanessa isn’t overly both­ered about achiev­ing re­sults. In­stead, she’s far more en­gaged in the process of cre­ation for its own sake. The main ap­peal of paint­ing peo­ple for this artist is all about the hu­man­ity of the sub­ject – find­ing a con­nec­tion. “My per­cep­tion of draw­ing well has evolved over the years. But I can say that when I feel like some­thing clicks the most, it’s ba­si­cally just when I re­ally en­joy the process of mak­ing it.”

This process can be very per­sonal. “When I was a child, start­ing to draw, I don’t think I thought of things as be­ing dif­fi­cult to de­pict ac­cu­rately,” Vanessa says. “Take hands for ex­am­ple. There was a point in my early child­hood when I drew them huge – as big as the rest of the en­tire body!” The artist is aware that the log­i­cal re­ac­tion would be to say, “That’s wrong.”

“But if you re­ally think about it,” Vanessa con­tin­ues, “I was be­ing as ac­cu­rate as I could’ve been, based on what I knew at that time. It turns out that those who I’d drawn with huge hands, were the peo­ple who I thought were strong and ca­pa­ble.

“As we learn to de­pict ac­cu­rate pro­por­tions, I think we shouldn’t lose sight of the ways in which we per­ceive things as well. Even­tu­ally, th­ese two as­pects of our ex­pe­ri­ences, along with a few other as­pects, join forces to be­come our means in which we speak through im­agery.”

When the art clicks, it’s also when I’ve re­ally en­joyed the process of mak­ing it

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