Se­lec­tive draw­ing

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You don’t need to ren­der out all the val­ues when draw­ing your paint­ing. Try to limit your draw­ing to just the land­marks that you’ll need to aid in your paint­ing. Look for big shapes and clearly de­fined shad­ows. The sole pur­pose of this stage is to aid your fi­nal paint­ing, rather than end­ing up with a fully ren­dered draw­ing.

Once your draw­ing is fin­ished, ei­ther erase the grid lines and then spray it with work­able fix­a­tive, or ink the lines with per­ma­nent pig­ment-based ink. Don’t use dye-based inks like a Sharpie or a ball­point pen, be­cause they can bleed through the paint. In­dia ink works well, as do Mi­cron Pigma pens. Bouguereau would ink his draw­ings with a brush.

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