How I in­tro­duce… cin­e­matic drama

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A Shapes take shape

The first step is flat­ting, or break­ing down the im­age into sep­a­rate colours (sub­con­tracted to Chris Gar­cia – thanks!). Colour choices don’t mat­ter here, as long as each shape is a dif­fer­ent colour to ad­ja­cent shapes.

B Colour scheme

I es­tab­lish the over­all colour scheme and change flat colours to base colours, or dark­est ver­sions of the colours I will even­tu­ally use. This pre­vents me from go­ing too dark, which could ob­scure the line-art.

C Adding de­tails

I use the Brush tool to paint de­tails, add sec­ondary light­ing and cre­ate sur­face tex­tures like hair and metal. I also add spe­cial ef­fects on sep­a­rate lay­ers. Here there’s a colour hold on the whites of Hip­polyta’s eyes, and a slight shine on her sil­ver crown.

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