Ál­varo Calvo Es­cud­ero

Lo­ca­tion: Spain ME­DIA : Pho­to­shop Web: www.es­cud­ero.art­sta­tion.com

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Free­lance con­cept artist and il­lus­tra­tor Ál­varo wants to work on films. His ethos is to draw for the sake of draw­ing. “Fo­cus. Show the world your vi­sion. Ex­press your­self in your own way.”

1 Obee

“Obee needs to cross the hall quickly, and this rat is per­fect for the job. For this piece I fo­cused on hu­mour, ac­tion and speed. I was look­ing to cre­ate a sym­bol; a recog­nis­able sil­hou­ette for the video game The Prom­ise.”

2 Faf­fell

“It’s a reader mon­ster who likes to read sto­ries to oth­ers. This was my first per­sonal project. I was keen to cap­ture his per­son­al­ity, not only through his face but also by show­ing the move­ment of his fin­gers and toes.”

3 Thorn Pup

“A cute, play­ful dog plant was the idea. Al­though it was a very en­joy­able study, cre­at­ing an anatomy for this puppy wasn’t as easy as I thought. I tried to use real, beau­ti­ful plants to cre­ate a bal­anced fur de­sign.”

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