Step-by-step: Com­pose a char­ac­ter in per­spec­tive

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1 I lay out the per­spec­tive grid by dis­tort­ing two sets of par­al­lel lines to make a two­point per­spec­tive. Key to this is the set of blue lines that con­verge to a van­ish­ing point be­low the can­vas. I could have done away with the red (Z-axis) lines, but they would be help­ful in de­ter­min­ing the reg­u­lar­ity and the lines of the stair edges. I then draw the ban­is­ters. 2 I ren­der the background first be­cause it will af­fect the light­ing of the char­ac­ter later. The lower flight of stairs is in­ten­tion­ally blurred out, as if the cam­era lens of the scene has a shal­low depth of field. The fig­ure is con­structed us­ing sim­ple blocky shapes, just to roughly es­tab­lish the pro­por­tions and fore­short­en­ing in this top- down view. 3 I de­tail the char­ac­ter while cor­rect­ing the flaws of the pre­vi­ous rough. I favour thin­ner lines dur­ing this stage, be­cause it be­comes use­ful dur­ing the colour block­ing stage to know where the edge of each colour block is. I use Layer Mask­ing to hide parts blocked by the ban­is­ters, which en­ables me to move the fig­ure with­out re­draw­ing any­thing. 4 I didn’t sep­a­rate the colour blocks, so that the colour tran­si­tion from one area to the next is more nat­u­ral look­ing. I use a broad Air­brush and lay down the shad­ows and high­lights. (Al­ter­na­tively you can use a sub­tle Dodge or Mul­ti­ply brush set­ting.) You can ren­der closer fo­cal ob­jects like the face in more de­tail than ob­jects fur­ther away.

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