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Iw­hole­heart­edly en­dorse Steve Rus­sell’s ‘Less Geek’ let­ter in LXF220. I’ve re­cently re­turned to Linux Format af­ter a spell with another mag­a­zine, which shall re­main name­less, but which has re­cently dis­ap­peared into the back pages of another publi­ca­tion [ themag­in­dus­try is­tough–Ed]. Like Steve Rus­sell I, too, am un­likely (at 81) ever to master the art of pro­gram­ming.

What’s more, I find that soft­ware that’s of­ten in­tro­duced as be­ing in­tu­itive is in prac­tice far from in­tu­itive. An ex­am­ple is ScribusDTP, which I’ve read about a num­ber of oc­ca­sions as be­ing easy to master. I’ve found it any­thing but. (Do I hear cries of “Here, here!"?)

The ques­tion I want to ask is have you ever done a tu­to­rial on Scribus in Linux Format and if so when? If not, can I ap­peal to you for one and in lay­man’s terms please? Un­til I can master Scribus I am re­luc­tant to aban­don Win­dows as my DTP pack­age is Ser­ifPagePlus and it ain’t avail­able for Linux. A. Ge­of­frey Mo rt, Bolton, Lo­ca­tion Neil says: Thanks for your thoughts on tu­to­ri­als. Be­cause a num­ber of peo­ple have re­quested more prac­ti­cal tu­to­ri­als, it’s cer­tainly some­thing I’ll look to adding in more of­ten. The FOSS world has a goodly col­lec­tion of top-qual­ity tools, some men­tioned in this month’s mail, so per­haps we need primers to help peo­ple get started with them? Cer­tainly, Scribus is about as com­plex as any pro­fes­sional-level DTP pack­age, so there’s a steep learn­ing curve, but from what we’ve seen it comes with de­cent tem­plates and doc­u­men­ta­tion. How­ever, it would cer­tainly take a novice a day or two to cre­ate a news­let­ter.

As is the case with many DTP pack­ages, Scribus has a steep learn­ing curve and re­quires more ef­fort to get your end re­sult.

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