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Uh oh… looks like you can’t get con­nected. What now?

Linux Format - - ROUNDUP -

Set up a VPN and it typ­i­cally just works, with­out you hav­ing to do any­thing at all. But as usual with net­works, any is­sues you have can be com­pli­cated, so it’s im­por­tant your VPN has a sup­port sys­tem to help out. Buf­fered VPN has plenty of web ar­ti­cles, in­clud­ing one on set­ting up the sys­tem for Linux, but it’s dis­tinctly short on de­tail. If you have prob­lems you can also con­tact its tech sup­port peo­ple 24/7 via email, and live chat is avail­able some­times. Mul­l­vad’s web knowl­edge base also has very brief ar­ti­cles, but it cov­ers many more ar­eas. In­stead of a generic Linux in­stall para­graph, for in­stance, you get sep­a­rate de­tails for dif­fer­ent dis­tros. There are guides on spe­cial­ist top­ics, and email sup­port is avail­able. Slick­VPN has a well-pre­sented range of setup guides for many OSes and routers. Trou­bleshoot­ing ad­vice is ba­sic, though, and help is only avail­able through a gen­eral email ad­dress which will be an­swered within a “busi­ness day”. Per­fect Pri­vacy takes the most be­gin­ner-friendly ap­proach, with large screen­shots for every step of its in­stal­la­tion and setup guides. The com­pany also of­fers sup­port via email, fo­rum and even TeamViewer.

IVPN has even more in­for­ma­tion than Per­fect Pri­vacy, but it’s aimed more at ex­pe­ri­enced users, and as­sumes a lot of knowl­edge. Still, if you know what you’re do­ing there’s a lot to ex­plore, and if you don’t, emails to tech sup­port should get a re­ply within a day.

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