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There’s a com­mon prej­u­dice against browser games. The be­lief is that the ma­jor­ity are ba­sic and can’t use the full power of your hard­ware. How­ever, many online We­bGL demos fly in the face of this ar­gu­ment, so it’s just a mat­ter of find­ing a de­cent OpenGL-pow­ered game that runs in a web-browser. SpeedLazer is a side­ways shooter that sports colour­ful graph­ics, de­cent sounds and fluid mo­tion. Waves of en­emy ships fly to­wards you – and you sim­ply have to shoot them down. Once you de­stroy enough en­e­mies, you can up­grade your weapon and plane’s fea­tures by catch­ing var­i­ous float­ing power-ups. The in­ter­est­ing fea­ture of SpeedLazer is that the de­fault game ses­sion en­ables you to play with your friend us­ing two gamepads or a key­board and a gamepad. This re­quires you to have ei­ther a Chromium- based or Fire­fox web browser. You can check if it’s recog­nised your hard­ware by vis­it­ing http://htm­l5gamepad.com.

In the sin­gle player mode the sec­ond player is con­trolled by the dummy AI and soon gets shot down, leav­ing you to fend for your­self in the skies. While you re­ceive com­mands from your chief, you still need to re­sist the end­less at­tacks of en­emy drones in the air, and also some un­der­wa­ter threats, such as mines and marine stalker drones when you fly above the sea. The game’s difficulty level is quite high, so you’ll need to work at your pi­lot­ing skills to stay alive for more than a few min­utes. SpeedLazer is pow­ered by Crafty.js and is avail­able online at http://speedlazer.net. Al­ter­na­tively, you can roll it out on a lo­cal ma­chine us­ing npm, bower and grunt – de­tailed in­struc­tions are pro­vided at the of­fi­cial README.md doc­u­ment.

“You need to re­sist the end­less at­tacks of en­emy drones in the air.”

Don’t be dis­tracted by that beau­ti­ful sun­set – there are evil drones that need to be shot down!

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