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Choco­late Doom mir­rors the orig­i­nal closely, in­clud­ing the built-in cheat codes. Th­ese can be used at any time dur­ing play, sim­ply by typ­ing them on the key­board. In most cases you’ll see a mes­sage con­firm­ing that the cheat has been ac­ti­vated. The cheats below as­sume you’re us­ing a QWERTY key­board.

Cheats can work in mul­ti­player Death­matches, de­pend­ing on the set­tings made by the per­son set­ting up the game. Add the flag – nocheats to pre­vent oth­ers from hav­ing an un­fair ad­van­tage. A few select cheats in no par­tic­u­lar or­der are:

id­chop­pers: this cheat will equip you with the chain­saw. Press 1 to select it. id­clev##: use this cheat code to warp to the episode or map of your choice – for ex­am­ple id­clev02 would take you to map 2.

id­dqd: this cheat sets your health per­ma­nently to 100 per­cent. This “God Mode” will make you im­mune to most forms of dam­age, al­though cer­tain types of floors can still harm you. You can also be killed by tele­frag­ging – where other play­ers or crea­tures tele­port onto a spot where you’re stand­ing.

There are plenty more along th­ese lines for the lazy, des­per­ate or per­haps less-skilled player. For a full list of cheats see the Doom wiki at­codes.

En­abling God Mode leaves you free to get up close and per­sonal with the chain­saw.

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