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You’ve piqued my in­ter­est with the item about ad­ding Linux to a MacBook. I’m dual-boot­ing one with Linux Mint 18.1 and a min­i­mal in­stall of OS X 10.7.5. I also run an an­cient Tan­ger­ine iMac G3 DV, which started life run­ning OS 9 but it has been dual-boot­ing De­bian 6 and Tiger for a few years now (I guess that it’s time to up­grade De­bian!).

Both boxes run Linux bet­ter than they do OS X or MacOS, with the ex­cep­tion that the iSight cam­era on the 2008 MacBook hasn’t yet been tested. I’m told that it can be prob­lem­atic. Hope­fully, the ar­ti­cle will cover how to solve any prob­lems.

A friend has a MacBook Pro, and he will be want­ing me to in­stall Mint onto that soon (the sec­ond com­puter which I’ve con­verted to the ‘Light Side’ for him), and I’ll be ad­ding (prob­a­bly) De­bian to a G4 iBook some­time in the next few months. Well, it did cost me an ex­tor­tion­ate £3.20 in­clud­ing de­liv­ery, com­plete with a pro­tec­tive car­ry­ing bag and a mu­sic CD that had been left in the ma­chine from eBay five years ago, so I need to get my money’s worth, don’t I?

Oh, and this iMac has just about lost sup­port from MacOS up­grades: it’s run­ning an un­sup­ported in­stall of Sierra [hacked]. Sierra is, frankly, a waste of stor­age space – it’s ugly, slow, crip­pled, mem­o­ry­hun­gry, and not a patch on OS X from five years ago. So guess which favourite OS is nudg­ing to take over its hard drive plat­ters?

There are plenty of re­ally old Macs out there − at least Ap­ple built them to last − so how about an ar­ti­cle some­time about re­sus­ci­tat­ing PPC boxes, with ideas about boot load­ers, wire­less net­work­ing, etc? I’ve more-or-less fig­ured it all out, but there will be oth­ers who don’t even know that Linux can be run on their mu­seum pieces. RWB,vi­ae­mail Neil says: We hope you found the Mac in­stall guide use­ful, but it did only fo­cus on modern Ap­ple hard­ware. Sup­port­ing Pow­erPC hard­ware didn’t re­ally cross our minds, though Linux has been a refuge for old Pow­erMac users. How­ever, it seems that Ubuntu sup­port ground to a halt with 14.04 LTS and De­bian shut­tered Pow­erPC ar­chi­tec­ture sup­port in 2016. We’d imag­ine this is partly down to ev­ery­one wind­ing up 32-bit sup­port and pos­si­bly other quirks of the ag­ing Pow­erPC ar­chi­tec­ture.

The G4 Cube is one of the many for­got­ten Ap­ple fail­ures.

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