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Back in Au­gust we saw the re­lease of the lat­est Rasp­bian. This time it moves away from Wheezy to be­come the first Rasp­bian based on De­bian Stretch. The big­gest change is how the net­work in­ter­faces are named. In pre­vi­ous re­leases the wired in­ter­face was eth0 and wire­less was wlan0, but with Rasp­bian Stretch they’re now re­placed with Pre­dictable Net­work In­ter­face Names ( http:// bit.ly/de­bian-new) that pro­vide a con­sis­tent in­ter­face name based upon the MAC ad­dress of the in­ter­face (for USB de­vices such as the Pi) or the in­dex num­bers pro­vided by the BIOS for other de­vices.

Pre­dictable Net­work In­ter­face Names aren’t new – dis­tros such as Mageia have been us­ing them for a num­ber of years – but this sud­den change has caused a small rum­ble in the Pi Com­mu­nity. Projects that re­lied on hard-coded net­work in­ter­face names now re­quire tweak­ing to ad­dress the change. It’s pos­si­ble to in­struct Rasp­bian to use the old in­ter­face names, by edit­ing the /boot/cmd­line.txt file and ad­ding net.if­names=0 as the last line, but this is just a stop-gap mea­sure and re­ally we should start to adopt this new in­ter­face nam­ing sys­tem, which of­fers greater flex­i­bil­ity.

For those up­grad­ing from Wheezy to Stretch, you’ll see that your in­ter­face names re­main as eth0/ wlan0 – this is­sue only af­fects fresh in­stal­la­tions of Stretch on a Pi.

This change helps Rasp­bian to stay cur­rent and in­line with the De­bian project. I mean, it’s not that much of a prob­lem. Now, had Rasp­bian moved the win­dow but­tons from one cor­ner to an­other…

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