Cut­ting to­gether your first 360-de­gree video

Linux Format - - TUTORIAL -

1 Start with Openshot

For the pur­poses of this walk­through we’re us­ing Openshot, ( seeour re­viewon­page18) be­cause it’s sim­ple. It can’t out­put videos to 4K, though: for that you’ll need to use the more com­plex Kden­live ed­i­tor. To start with, load up your 360-de­gree clips by drag­ging and drop­ping them into the Project Files area on the left.

2 A sim­ple edit

Now drag and drop the clips into the time­line. You can edit them to your pre­ferred length just by mov­ing the edges of the time­line boxes. You’ll no­tice that there are two video tracks in the time­line. The next clip in a se­quence should be placed on the other track to the one that’s cur­rently play­ing.

3 Tran­si­tion choices

It’s best to slightly over­lap the two video tracks and add a tran­si­tion ef­fect to mix the one into the other, but use some­thing sim­ple like a dis­solve. Star Wars-style wipes will just look odd in 360-de­grees. Click Tran­si­tions in the top left, se­lect an ef­fect and drag it over the area where the two video tracks over­lap. Openshot will do the rest.

4 Cre­ate la­bels for ob­jects

You can add float­ing la­bels to your video. You can do this by cre­at­ing a PNG with a trans­par­ent back­ground in your favourite photo-edit­ing soft­ware, such as TheGIMP. Use the “Color to Al­pha” com­mand from the Col­ors menu to cre­ate the trans­parency. The im­age will need to be the same di­men­sions as your equirect­an­gu­lar video.

5 Text it up

Write your la­bel us­ing the text tool – you’ll need to line it up with where you want it to ap­pear in your 360-de­gree video, and size it cor­rectly too (us­ing a grab of the video as an im­age layer helps) so you can see where it is in re­la­tion to ev­ery­thing else in the shot. Now ex­port the im­age as a ti­tle in the PNG for­mat, pre­serv­ing the trans­parency char­ac­ter­is­tics.

6 Trial and er­ror

Back in Openshot, im­port the im­age and place it onto the top video track (your 360-de­gree video will have to be on the bot­tom). The la­bel will ap­pear in the video, float­ing for a few se­conds in space. It may ap­pear stretched when view­ing as a 360-de­gree video – you can use the Hug­inPanora­maEdi­tor to cre­ate curved ti­tles that match the per­spec­tive more ac­cu­rately (

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