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I’m sur­prised at my own re­ac­tion to the news of the demise of the Unity desk­top. When I read the news, all I could think was: let the whole Ubuntu thing go the way of Unity!

I first came to Linux through Ubuntu, more than a decade ago, and was very pleased with it… un­til it stopped work­ing. Sud­denly I couldn’t get my sys­tem to carry out many of the tasks it had pre­vi­ously done so eas­ily. I was even­tu­ally able to move to Linux Mint with the MATE desk­top and later to Linux Mint De­bian Edi­tion and SparkyLinux.

While Ubuntu brought me to Linux, I felt so badly de­ceived when it aban­doned me for Unity that I’ve sus­tained a long­stand­ing dis­like of the whole Ubuntu project. Sud­denly, with news of the demise of Unity, an amaz­ing amount of anti-Ubuntu emo­tion swelled in­side me. Let it fail! Ob­vi­ously, the very strong feel­ing of be­trayal by Ubuntu per­sists. Michael Cleary, Syd­ney, Aus­tralia,

Neil says: Hu­mans do seem to get aw­fully emo­tional when it comes to lumps of sil­i­con and the ones and ze­ros that they run. Per­son­ally, I can’t see why any­one would want one open source project to suc­ceed over an­other, nev­er­mind it dy­ing into ob­scu­rity. There’s the no­tion it could be tak­ing de­vel­oper tal­ent away from “more wor­thy” projects, but would it be re­ally? They’d likely just work on some­thing else. As the in­domitable Tay­lor Swift says, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

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