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The open source guide to en­joy­ing your me­dia any­where in your home

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Build the per­fect shared me­dia li­brary PC, Rasp­berry Pi and An­droid ad­vice Record and enjoy live TV – it’s easy!

“You’ll dis­cover how to stream your me­dia to just about any de­vice you can think of…”

These days, we con­sume me­dia – from mu­sic and pho­tos to movies and TV – on a va­ri­ety of de­vices in var­i­ous lo­ca­tions. Dig­i­tal me­dia is both lib­er­at­ing and yet con­strict­ing at the same time. If you’ve built up a huge me­dia li­brary and want quick and easy ac­cess to it from any lo­ca­tion, then you need a me­dia server.

A me­dia server en­ables you to col­lect all your me­dia to­gether in one lo­ca­tion – your PC’s main stor­age, a USB-at­tached drive or even a net­work-at­tached drive – and then ac­cess it from just about any smart de­vice you own. These could be other com­put­ers, your phone or tablet, even the set-top box or smart TV in your living room. It pro­vides you with a con­sis­tent ex­pe­ri­ence wher­ever you hap­pen to be, and makes it pos­si­ble to start watch­ing on one de­vice, then fin­ish on an­other with­out hav­ing to man­u­ally skip to the right place.

Which me­dia server pack­age should you choose? We’ve gone with a free, open­source pack­age called Emby, which is pow­er­ful, flex­i­ble and shows off your me­dia in the best pos­si­ble light. Some fea­tures are locked away be­hind a pay­wall, but if you’re strapped for cash never fear – you can do plenty with­out shelling out a penny for the priv­i­lege.

We’ll kick things off by tak­ing a look at what hard­ware you’ll need, then re­veal how to in­stall Emby on your server. Then it’s a case of or­gan­is­ing your me­dia be­fore set­ting up the server to point to­wards your me­dia li­braries. You’ll dis­cover how to stream your me­dia to just about any de­vice you can think of, plus we’ll re­veal how to get more from your me­dia server, from us­ing it to watch and record live TV to set­ting up user pro­files that pro­vide fil­tered ac­cess to your li­brary. This is par­tic­u­larly use­ful if you have chil­dren in the house.

One things for cer­tain: once you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced your me­dia through your Linux-pow­ered server, you’ll never con­sume it in the same way again. Read on to start the rev­o­lu­tion…

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