Pair your favourite rain­bow prints with a neu­tral back­ground fab­ric to cre­ate these zip-up pouches

Love Patchwork & Quilting - - PROJECTS - By amanda cas­tor

Show off a grad­u­ated rain­bow ef­fect on a neu­tral back­ground with Amanda Cas­tor’s handy zip-up pouches


■ Rain­bow prints: eight (8)

2½in squares

■ Back­ground fab­ric: one (1) fat quar­ter

■ Lin­ing fab­ric: one (1) fat eighth

■ Fusi­ble fleece: ½yd

■ Zip: 11in

■ One copy each of pouch front FPP templates A–D


■ 10½in x 6in x 3in


■ Seam al­lowances are ¼in through­out, un­less oth­er­wise noted.

■ Press seams to the side, un­less oth­er­wise in­structed.

■ Shorten your stitch length to 1.5 for foun­da­tion pa­per piecing.

■ RST = right sides to­gether.

■ WOF = width of fab­ric.

■ WST = wrong sides to­gether.

■ FPP = foun­da­tion pa­per piece

■ Templates in­clude seam al­lowance around the outer edges only.

■ For templates, see p90.



■ Print and lin­ing fab­rics are Chroma by Ali­son Glass for An­dover Fab­rics.

■ Back­ground fab­ric is from Art Gallery Denim Stu­dio.


1 From the lin­ing fab­ric cut two (2) 8½in x 11in rec­tan­gles.

2 From the back­ground fab­ric cut:

■ One (1) 8½ x 11in rec­tan­gle.

■ One (1) 4in x 11in rec­tan­gle.

■ One (1) 1½in x 11in rec­tan­gle.

■ Two (2) 1in x 2½in rec­tan­gles.

3 Also from the back­ground fab­ric, cut pieces for each sec­tion of the FPP templates, us­ing the template as a guide. Make sure the pieces will be at least ¼in larger than the sec­tion that they will cover, all the way around.

4 From the fusi­ble fleece cut two (2) 8½in x 11in rec­tan­gles.


5 Take template A and one rain­bow print 2½in square for Sec­tion 1. Place the fab­ric right side up on the un­printed side of the template against Sec­tion 1. En­sure that the fab­ric cov­ers the whole sec­tion, plus at least ¼in all round. Pin in place.

6 Place the Sec­tion 2 fab­ric piece right side down on top of the Sec­tion 1 fab­ric

piece, mak­ing sure that when folded back along the seam line, Sec­tion 2 will be cov­ered by the fab­ric plus at least ¼in all round. Pin in place.

7 Turn the template over to the printed side and stitch along the marked line be­tween Sec­tions 1 and 2, back­stitch­ing at the be­gin­ning and end of the seam. Fold the template away from the seam and trim to ¼in. Fold the template back, turn the work to the fab­ric side, flip sec­tion 2 open. Press.

8 Con­tinue work­ing in this way to piece the re­main­ing sec­tions on the FPP template. Trim along the dot­ted seam al­lowance line. Re­move pa­per, tear­ing along the seam lines.

9 Re­peat steps 5–8 to piece Templates B, C and D, us­ing the rain­bow prints for the tri­an­gles and back­ground pieces.

10 Re­fer­ring to the photo for place­ment, join the Template A and B pieces, with the tri­an­gles point­ing to the cen­tre. Join Template C and D pieces to each side, also en­sur­ing the tri­an­gles point to the cen­tre.

11 Sew a 1½in x 11in back­ground strip to the top of the pieced unit and a 4in x 11in back­ground strip to the bot­tom. Press seams open to com­plete the front panel.


12 Fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions, at­tach one 8½in x 11in fusi­ble fleece to the re­verse of the front panel. At­tach the re­main­ing piece to the re­verse of the 8½in x 11in back­ground piece.

13 Place one 1in x 2½in rec­tan­gle right side down on top of each end of the zip, care­fully lin­ing up the raw edges. Pin or clip into place (Fig A).

14 Sew in place us­ing a 1¼in seam, back­stitch­ing at each end and go­ing slowly over the zip teeth. Trim the seam to ¼in and press open (Fig B).

15 Layer the front panel (right side up) and zip (right side down) so that the edge of the zip aligns with the top of the front panel. Layer an 8½in x 11in lin­ing rec­tan­gle (right side down) and pin or clip in place. (Fig C)

16 Sew to­gether, us­ing a zip­per foot. Press the lin­ing and front panel away from the zip. Top­stitch in place.

17 Re­peat steps 15-16 to sew the other side of the zip, us­ing the re­main­ing 8½in x 11in back­ground and lin­ing pieces.

18 Unzip the zip half­way. Open out the fab­ric lay­ers and align the lin­ing fab­rics RST on one side of the zip and the outer pan­els RST. Pin in place (Fig D). Care­fully match the cen­tre seams and push the zip seam al­lowance to­ward the lin­ing side.

19 Sew around the outer edges, leav­ing a 3in gap in the bot­tom of the lin­ing, back­stitch­ing at each end (Fig E).

20 Pinch to­gether the side and bot­tom seam in one cor­ner of the lin­ing. Mark a line 1½in from the point and sew along the line (Fig F). Trim the seam al­lowance to ¼in. Re­peat in the re­main­ing three cor­ners.

21 Turn the pouch right side out through the gap in the lin­ing. Sew the lin­ing gap closed, top­stitch­ing 1/8in from the folded edge. Push the lin­ing into the bag to fin­ish.

Choose your zip colour with care to en­hance the de­sign!

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