Quilt­ing is like an all-you-can eat buf­fet with fab­rics and tech­niques for ev­ery ap­petite. Angie Wil­son walks us through some of the choices of of­fer

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Angie Wil­son ex­plains why she sees quilt­ing as an all-you-caneat buf­fet, and has us sali­vat­ing over fab­rics, tech­niques and more!

Do you want to know one of the rea­sons why I adore be­ing a quil­ter? Be­cause quilt­ing is like be­ing at an all-you-can-eat buf­fet. When it comes to quilt­ing, I feel like I’m Homer Simp­son in the episode where he sues the all-you-can-eat Seafood Restau­rant and his lawyer asks, “Does this look like a man who has had all he could eat?”

Do I look like a quil­ter who has done all there is? Heck no! I’ve been quilt­ing and sewing now for six years and I still don’t feel like I’ve tried ev­ery­thing there is to do when it comes to this craft and art form.

When it comes to my quilt­ing jour­ney I’m a sam­pler, just like I am at a buf­fet. I like to try a lit­tle bit of ev­ery­thing un­til I find just the right, per­fectly de­li­cious thing to in­dulge in. There are so many pat­terns and com­bi­na­tions of tech­niques out there that I have yet to sam­ple. Sure, I’ve dab­bled in a lit­tle bit of ev­ery­thing, but there’s al­ways some­thing even tastier wait­ing for me to give it a try.

It’s what keeps things fresh and ex­cit­ing. There’s an ever-last­ing cy­cle of new fab­rics, new books, new tools and no­tions be­ing laid out in front of me. A cor­nu­copia of delectable op­tions for me to lose my­self in. It’s pure glut­tony of the best kind – there are no calo­ries to worry about!

I love learn­ing new things. Sure, it can be frus­trat­ing at first but it’s the sense of ac­com­plish­ment that comes from mas­ter­ing some­thing that’s re­ally ad­dic­tive. I also love find­ing some­thing new to help me work smarter, which is why I have a healthy col­lec­tion of tools and no­tions. Just when I think there couldn’t be any more tools or no­tions in­vented some clever clogs goes and re­leases some­thing that saves me time, saves my back and ratch­ets my ac­cu­racy up a level or two.

If tools and no­tions are like the salad and veg­eta­bles of a buf­fet, and tech­niques the pasta bar, then fab­rics are most def­i­nitely the dessert bar. The glo­ri­ous never-end­ing bolts and bolts of fab­ric never fail to get my mouth wa­ter­ing. Just when I think I’ve seen all the fab­rics out there, some­one re­leases some­thing new that I just have to have. I am con­stantly telling my­self “No more. I’ll just sew from my stash.” And I re­ally mean it too. But then I walk into a fab­ric store and it’s all bets off. Se­ri­ously, it’s like I need an in­ter­ven­tion. (No! I don’t need one. Please, don’t send any­one to in­ter­vene! I’ll be good I prom­ise. *runs off to fon­dle her fab­ric*)

Like my times at buf­fets I can some­times overindulge a lit­tle on the quilt­ing side of things – there are times when my sewjo de­cides it needs to go to put on some comfy pants and lie down for a bit and not look at an­other thing quilt­ing re­lated for a while. But that feel­ing never lasts long, it’s just like the siren call of the pint of choco­late ice-cream in the freezer – I’ll be back to try some more any day now. When it comes to quilt­ing, I just can’t help my­self.

“The glo­ri­ous nev­erend­ing bolts and bolts of fab­ric never fail to get my mouth wa­ter­ing”

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