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■ Ex­te­rior fab­ric: one (1) fat quar­ter

■ Scale fab­ric: ½yd

■ Lin­ing fab­ric: 3/8yd

■ Black felt: two (2) 1¼in squares

■ White felt: two (2) 1in square

■ Fusi­ble web­bing four (4)

1¼in squares

FIN­ISHED SIZE ■ 6in x 12in


■ All seam al­lowances are ¼in, un­less oth­er­wise in­structed

■ Back­stitch at be­gin­ning and end of all seams

■ RST = right sides to­gether

■ WOF = width of fab­ric

■ For templates, see p90.



From ex­te­rior fab­ric cut:

■ Two (2) 6½in x 4½in pieces (head).

■ Six (6) 6½in x 1½in pieces (body).

■ Two (2) Tail template pieces.


From scale fab­ric cut:

■ Two (2) 7in x 2½in pieces (lips).

■ Three (3) 3½in x WOF strips. Sub­cut into forty-four (44) 3½in x 2¾in pieces. Pin RST in pairs. Trim us­ing Scale template.


From lin­ing fab­ric cut:

■ Two (2) Lin­ing template pieces.

■ Two (2) 2in x 23in pieces (drawstring).


Trace two (2) eye and two (2) pupil pat­tern pieces onto the pa­per-backed fusi­ble web. Fuse eye pieces to white felt ac­cord­ing to man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions and cut out. Do the same for pupil pieces and black felt.



Sew each pair of scale pieces to­gether along the curved edge, leav­ing the top straight edge open. Trim seam al­lowance with pink­ing shears or clip notches into the curve. Turn right side out and press.


Baste the straight edge shut us­ing a 1/8in seam al­lowance. Make a to­tal of twenty-two (22) scales.


Take one 7in x 2½in lip piece and press un­der ¼in at each short edge. Press the edges un­der ¼in once more to en­close the raw edge. Top­stitch in place.


Press the lip piece in half length­wise and baste all the way along the long edge us­ing a 1/8in seam.


Re­peat steps 7–8 with your sec­ond fish lip piece.


Fuse one white felt eye pieces in place on each of the 6½in x 4½in head pieces. Po­si­tion 11/4in from the one short edge, cen­tred hor­i­zon­tally. Se­cure with a blan­ket or zigzag stitch.

11 Fuse the black felt pupil pieces in the cen­tre of each eye and stitch in place.


Fold all tail and body pieces in half ver­ti­cally and fin­ger press to find and mark cen­tres.


With one tail piece right side up, po­si­tion two scales on top, align­ing the straight raw edges. The scales should each be ½in from the cen­tre crease, and ex­tend be­yond the edges of the tail. Pin in place.


Lay one body piece on top of the scales, right side down, match­ing the cen­tres of the tail and body and align­ing the long raw edges. Sew along the long raw edge. Press seam to­wards the body. 15

Fold one scale in half and fin­ger press to mark the cen­tre. Lay the scale on top of the body piece, match­ing the cen­tres and align­ing the raw edges. Pin in place.


Place a sec­ond scale to the left of the cen­tre scale so that the left edge of the cen­tre scale over­laps by ½in. Pin in place. Place a third scale on the right side so that its left edge over­laps the cen­tre scale by ½in. Pin in place. The left and right scales will ex­tend be­yond the sides of the tail.


Lay one body piece on top, right side down, as you did in the pre­vi­ous step, match­ing and pin­ning at the cen­tre, sand­wich­ing the scales. Sew along the long raw edge as be­fore and press seam to­wards the top body piece. 18

Re­peat steps 15–17 to make a third row of scales.


For the fourth row of scales, re­peat steps

15–17, this time sewing the head piece to the top in­stead of a body piece.


Baste along the edges of the fish body, us­ing a 1/8in seam al­lowance, to se­cure the edges of the scales. Trim away any ex­cess scales from the edge of the body.


Re­peat steps 13–20 to com­plete a sec­ond fish body. In step 19, make sure when at­tach­ing the head that the eye is at the op­po­site side to the first body.


Place the two fish bod­ies RST so that their eyes are touch­ing and align the

raw edges. Match and pin at the head seam. Pin and sew around the sides and tail, leav­ing the top edge of the head open.


Clip in to­wards the tail at the val­leys but do not clip through stitch­ing. Clip the cor­ners of the tail. Do not turn pouch.


Po­si­tion a lip piece in­side of the pouch, align­ing the raw edges of one head piece with the basted raw edge of the lip piece. Pin in place and baste with 1/8in seam al­lowance. Re­peat with the sec­ond lip piece on the op­po­site side of the pouch.


Place the two lin­ing pieces RST and pin. Sew the along the sides, leav­ing the top and bot­tom open. Turn right side out.


Place the sewn lin­ing in­side fish body with RST. Align raw edges of the top open­ings, match­ing and pin­ning at side seams. Sew around the en­tire open­ing.


Turn the pouch right side out through the open­ing in the lin­ing. Press well. Close the open­ing in the lin­ing with a lad­der stitch or by ma­chine. 28

Fold the short ends of one drawstring piece in to the wrong side. Fold the drawstring in half length­wise, wrong sides to­gether, and press. Un­fold and bring the long raw edges in to meet the fold, and press. Press in half again to en­close the raw edges. Stitch along the folded edges with 1/8in seam al­lowance. Re­peat with the sec­ond drawstring.


Thread one drawstring through the fish’s lips on both sides of the bag and knot the ends.


Re­peat with the sec­ond drawstring at the op­po­site side of the pouch to fin­ish.

If you pre­fer, use a mix of fab­rics in sim­i­lar shades

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