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1 From your fab­ric scraps cute forty-eight (48) 1½in squares and two (2) 2in squares.

2 From the ex­te­rior fab­ric cut two (2) 2¼in x 8½in rec­tan­gles and two (2) 3¾in x 8½in rec­tan­gles.

3 From the lin­ing fab­ric cut two (2) 8½in squares.$


4 Sew twenty-four (24) of the 1½in squares into three rows of eight. Press the seams for the mid­dle row the op­po­site way to the seams for the bot­tom rows.$

5 Sew the three rows to­gether and press. The nest­ing seams should mean your patch­work square is nice and flat.$

6 Sew the 2¼in x 8½in back­ground fab­ric rec­tan­gle to the top edge of your patch­work piece and press the seam to­wards the back­ground fab­ric.

7 Sew the 3¾in x 8½in ex­te­rior fab­ric rec­tan­gle to the bot­tom edge of the patch­work piece and press the seam to­wards the back­ground fab­ric (Fig L).

8 Re­peat steps 1 to 4 to make the sec­ond ex­te­rior panel.

9 Baste each ex­te­rior panel to a square of bat­ting. Quilt as de­sired and trim away the ex­cess bat­ting. 10 Draw quar­ter cir­cles on the bot­tom cor­ners of both ex­te­rior pan­els and both lin­ing pan­els and then cut around each of them (Fig M).

11 Fold one of the 2in squares in half WST and press, then open out. Press the sides in to meet the cen­tre line. Fold and press along the cen­tre line again to en­close the raw edges. Re­peat to make the sec­ond tab.

12 Trim your zip to 8in. Slip one of the tabs over the end of the zip and top stitch in place. Re­peat with the other tab on the other end of the zip (Fig N).

13 Place the zip face up along the top edge of one of the lin­ing pieces. Your zip should be ¼in shorter than the lin­ing piece on each end. Stitch in place us­ing a seam al­lowance of slightly less than ¼in (Fig O).

14 Lay the top edge of one of the ex­te­rior pan­els face down on top of the zip and stitch through all three lay­ers as shown (Fig P). Open out and press (Fig Q).

15 Re­peat steps J and K for the other side of the zip.$

16 Press the pan­els away from the zip. Top­stitch the top edge of the ex­te­rior pan­els, about 1/8in from the zip (Fig R).

17 Open the zip about half way. Lay the two lin­ing pieces RST and the two ex­te­rior pieces RST and pin or clip in place. Stitch all the way around the edge, leav­ing a 2in gap on the bot­tom edge of the lin­ing pieces un­stitched (Fig S).

18 Turn the pouch right side out through the gap in the lin­ing. Hand stitch the lin­ing closed, then push your lin­ing down into the pouch to fin­ish.$

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