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Mel­bourne is a bobby daz­zler who hides her de­mure light firmly un­der her bushel. Re­laxed and chilled, she’s all about food and fash­ion, but most of it is hid­den away in lanes and ar­cades. Probe deep, and Mel­lie is all yours.


The City is the CBD, laid out in a nifty grid. To the south is South­bank with brill restos and bo­gan casino in the swank Crown com­plex, vil­lage-chic South Mel­bourne, yup­pie South Yarra, grungy-funky Al­bert Park and sea­side St. Kilda. Gen­tri­fy­ing Rich­mond is east, and north­east are hip­sters Carl­ton and Fitzroy. So, go on, you big galah, get flap­ping.

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Weather. Mel­bourne has spring, sum­mer, au­tumn and win­ter al­most ev­ery day. Three words: learn to layer. To be safe, pack a brolly, hat, sun­screen and shades; if in doubt, don the city’s de­fault black Tul­la­ma­rine Int’l Air­port to CBD by cab: 30-40 mins / AUD$54, take the Citylink free­way (toll ap­plies) At times it can seem as if there are only three taxis in the whole of this vast city, so you’ll need to book well ahead at peak times (see Very Use­ful) If you’re lucky enough to hail a taxi, make sure that you know the street and area you are head­ing for, un­less you wish to end up in Fiji via the Gold Coast The tram sys­tem is con­ve­nient in the CBD, but can be slow else­where, where cabs/driv­ing is more ef­fi­cient Events. What a busy, busy dolly. Jan: Aus­tralian Open; Mar: Mel­bourne Grand Prix; Mar & Aug/Sep: Mel­bourne Fash­ion Weeks; Mar-Sep: AFL (footy) Premier­ship sea­son; Oct: Mel­bourne Int’l Arts Fest; 1st Tue in Nov: Mel­bourne Cup; 26-30 Dec: Cricket Int’l Box­ing Day Test. Phew! In peak sum­mer sea­son (Dec-Jan) and dur­ing the many events hosted by the city (see above),, it is es­sen­tial to book way ahead for ev­ery­thing Smok­ing is not al­lowed at in­door restau­rants and bars Goods and ser­vices tax (GST) is 10%, tip an ex­tra 10% Beer. If you are keen on a tankard, re­mem­ber: a ‘glass’ is 200ml, a ‘pot’ is 285ml and pints are for Guin­ness Coffee. Dis­cussed more heat­edly than pol­i­tics, sports or re­li­gion. Any per­son pro­claim­ing the city’s best coffee risks pub­lic hu­mil­i­a­tion and be­ing gar­roted Coffee eti­quette: strong means two shots; skinny is skim. Don’t be sur­prised if a café doesn’t serve skinny/soy In­ter­na­tional code for Aus­tralia is +61 and 3 for Mel­bourne; nei­ther need to be di­alled lo­cally Emer­gency no. is 000 for fire, am­bu­lance or po­lice

Here are three Aus­tralian phrases that may en­dear you to Mel­bur­ni­ans... How ya go­ing? : Hello / How are you? Good on ya, mate : Thanks, pet / Well done Strewth, look at the muf­fin-top on that! : That young lady has a large amount of ex­cess flesh above the waist­band of her low-rise jeans and is do­ing her­self no favours

Al­righty, let’s get this Turk­ish on the grill...

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