Help! A key has come off my key­board…

If it does hap­pen, don’t panic: you can fix it your­self!

Mac Format - - TO THE RESCUE -

The key caps on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Ap­ple key­board are very se­curely at­tached, but oc­ca­sion­ally they do come off. Re-at­tach­ing them is straight­for­ward. Place the key cap in po­si­tion above the scis­sors mech­a­nism and press down firmly un­til it clicks into place. If the key cap doesn’t re­seat firmly, turn it over and look at its un­der­side. It may be that one of the clips has snapped. If that’s the case, or you’ve lost the key cap com­pletely, you’ll need to buy a new one. Your first port of call? eBay.

Donor key­board

Search eBay for the pre­cise make and model of your Mac or key­board and the phrase ‘key caps’. Re­place­ments should be rel­a­tively cheap. If eBay can’t de­liver, the­book­ sells re­place­ment key caps, as well as tons of other spare parts for lots of dif­fer­ent mod­els of note­books. You should be able to find the keys you need there by search­ing for your spe­cific Mac model.

An­other op­tion – par­tic­u­larly if you’ve lost or dam­aged sev­eral keys – is to ac­quire an­other key­board of the same model. You may be able to find just the key­board as a used part on eBay – add ‘spares or re­pair’ to your search for cheaper op­tions, but just make sure they have the keys you need! Make sure too that it’s for ex­actly the same model as the Mac on which you want to re­place keys. Use the new

key­board as a donor from which to har­vest the keys you need. There are sev­eral guides on the in­ter­net that will take you step-bystep through the process of re­plac­ing keys. You may need a pair of tweez­ers, though, to care­fully re­move the key caps from the donor key­board, but th­ese are not ex­pen­sive!

The scis­sor mech­a­nism can be fid­dly, so it’s im­por­tant to be both care­ful and pa­tient when re­mov­ing and re­plac­ing keys.

Once you’re done, store the donor key­board some­where safe so you can use it again if need be, and you’ll never be lust­ing af­ter keys again.

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