Jot Touch with Pix­el­point

The best iPad sty­lus for artists money can buy, but it’s not per­fect…

Mac Format - - RATED - £90 Man­u­fac­turer Adonit, Con­nec­tion Blue­tooth LE Weight 20g Bat­tery life 11 hours (1.5 hours to charge) Pres­sure-sen­si­tiv­ity Com­par­a­tively fine nib Limited app sup­port Some con­cerns about pre­ci­sion

When it comes to iPad sty­luses, this is cur­rently state of the art. It has (by iPad sty­lus stan­dards) a fine tip, plus it boasts 2,048 lev­els of pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity. It looks and feels well made – even if it might be chunky for some, and even if the weight­ing is slightly too far to­wards the back. For now, with­out doubt it’s the best sty­lus a cre­ative artist can buy to use with an iPad (3 or later, or mini). But it’s not per­fect – and not just be­cause it costs ninety quid.

The big prob­lem is iOS is de­signed for use with fingers, not sty­luses, so sup­port for the Jot Touch has to be ex­plic­itly built into apps. Adonit makes a soft­ware devel­op­ment kit avail­able for app mak­ers to in­te­grate sup­port; see for sup­ported apps.

Adobe’s new apps, Sketch and Line, are the only ones cur­rently to sup­port the full suite of its fea­tures – wrist re­jec­tion, pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity and the short­cut but­tons on its bar­rel. Sketch is a good sketch­ing app, and the pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity works well, but we want full sup­port in Pro­cre­ate, Noteshelf and more.

It’s tricky to draw with ab­so­lute pre­ci­sion, partly due to the nib (which, while a tech­ni­cally im­pres­sive trick, is still as thick as a felt tip pen’s) and also how you hold the sty­lus. You can get slight wob­ble too, when slowly draw­ing di­ag­o­nal lines. Also, the plas­tic nib on a glass screen is slip­pery.

You charge it by dock­ing it mag­net­i­cally in a USB don­gle. It’s a neat sys­tem, but it’s galling that the don­gle isn’t the right size to work with Ap­ple’s alu­minium key­boards.

Tech­ni­cally, this is a good piece of kit, and £90 isn’t tak­ing the mickey. Once it gets broader app sup­port, it would be a ter­rific pur­chase for artists. If you just want a sty­lus for tak­ing notes rather than sketch­ing, how­ever, we would rec­om­mend the £46 Jot Script or £18 Jot Pro. Christo­pher Phin

The Jot Touch is an im­pres­sive tech­ni­cal feat, even if iOS’s hos­til­ity to sty­luses means it’s an im­per­fect ex­pe­ri­ence.

It’s weighted a lit­tle to­wards the back, so there’s a slight but nag­ging feel­ing it

wants to tug it­self out of your hand.

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