Kobo Aura H2O

Mac Format - - GADGETS - £120 kobo.com

What is it? Who doesn’t love read­ing a re­lax­ing book in the bath? If you do all your read­ing on an ebook reader th­ese days, though, this can be a some­what risky propo­si­tion. One soapy slip and your Kin­dle is drift­wood. Kobo’s Aura H2O solves this prob­lem by be­ing an ebook reader that’s wa­ter­proof. It’s so sim­ple! When’s it due? The end of Septem­ber. Why are we ex­cited? How did no one think of this be­fore? Se­ri­ously: it’s not just the bath sce­nario. If you take your ereader ev­ery­where with you in a bag, there’s a good chance it could get soaked in the rain. If you take it to the beach, it could get splashed. We’re sur­prised the first ever Kin­dle didn’t fea­ture this, to be hon­est. Still, hope­fully this will be the first of many. And it cer­tainly beats keep­ing your ebook reader in a freezer bag or sim­i­lar in an at­tempt to keep it dry.

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