Bluelounge SOBA

Mac Format - - GADGETS - £20

What is it? Lovely, beau­ti­ful Ap­ple ma­chines can be a bit spoiled by a dense thicket of dusty ca­bles col­lect­ing out the back. But this is a se­ri­ous cable-tidy­ing sys­tem. Each SOBA kit comes with lengthy tubes to wrap around your mass of ca­bles, with a clever ‘zip­per’ that runs along it, seal­ing the ca­bles into one solid cylin­der. When’s it due? Get tidy­ing to­day. Why are we ex­cited? The clever part about SOBA is how flex­i­ble it is – you can cut the ‘Vor­tex tube’ (a thing worth buy­ing for the name alone) sec­tions to what­ever size you need, then add things like a Y-junc­tion to send dif­fer­ent ca­bles in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. It comes with end caps to keep things look­ing tidy, and even mount­ing caps with ad­he­sive back­ing to make sure the ca­bles run only where you want them.

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