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“This in­dus­try hungers for nov­elty, and the iPhone 6 is get­ting a lit­tle bit over­shad­owed by the Ap­ple Watch. It is, after all, merely an evo­lu­tion of an ex­ist­ing idea. But that’s what Ap­ple does best! Sure, it can de­fine mar­kets – and has done with the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad – but that grad­ual im­prove­ment in per­for­mance and de­sir­abil­ity – in en­gi­neer­ing – is where Ap­ple re­ally shines. I want the Ap­ple Watch more, but Ap­ple will sell far more iPhones, es­pe­cially since there’s a huge num­ber of peo­ple stuck with iPhone 4S de­vices on a two-year con­tract.” Christo­pher Phin Ed­i­tor-in-Chief, MacFor­mat & Mac|Life “I was on the cusp of leav­ing iOS, but a new de­sign and a big­ger screen have con­vinced me oth­er­wise. I’m not sold on the Watch – I’ve yet to be won over by any smart­watch – but that doesn’t mean I’m not will­ing to change my mind for the right de­vice. The decision for me has moved from opt­ing for HTC or Sam­sung to ‘Do I want a 6 or the big­ger 6 Plus?’” Pa­trick Goss Global Ed­i­tor-in-Chief, TechRadar “Like the Watch, the new iPhone 6 mod­els are far bet­ter­look­ing in per­son. Both phones are very thin and light, but the Plus’s lack of weight is a bit dis­ori­en­tat­ing for such a large frame. I’ve never un­der­stood the ph­ablet ob­ses­sion – huge phones are cum­ber­some and Ap­ple seems to know it (fac­tor­ing in not-en­tirely-slick soft­ware work­arounds to try to keep it “one-handed”). But you’ve got to give the peo­ple what they want, and this mar­ket is clearly grow­ing.” Matt Hill Ed­i­tor, T3 “Ap­ple know how this game is played, and they’ve given another bravura per­for­mance. Each de­vice is aimed at spe­cific, ex­ist­ing mar­kets, and new ser­vices to back them up. Specs are all ‘just enough’ – lit­tle to excite, but plenty to up­grade for. Will Ap­ple Pay be a suc­cess in the UK? How many Watches will be sold? Th­ese ques­tions miss the point – the se­cret’s in the siz­zle, not the sausage.” Mark Mayne Ed­i­tor, t3.com “I’m im­pressed with the im­prove­ments made here. Ap­ple has eaten hum­ble pie when it comes to mak­ing big­ger de­vices. The Ap­ple Watch is a strange one. As an An­droid user, I am usu­ally jeal­ous of Ap­ple’s chas­sis de­sign and not en­am­oured of its OS, but this is flipped with the Watch. I think the soft­ware looks ideal for a wear­able, but I’m not sold on the chunky, squared-off de­sign. It feels like Ap­ple is find­ing its way in this cat­e­gory, rather than in­stantly own­ing it like it did with the iPhone and iPad.” Marc Chacks­field Con­tent Team Lead, Fu­ture Tech­nol­ogy Group “After years of ex­tolling the virtues of the App Store and iTunes – jam-packed with games, movies and TV shows – Ap­ple fi­nally has a phone that al­lows you to make the most of them. The larger screens and sleek de­sign means that for the first time in years I’m gen­uinely tempted by the new iPhone. I’m con­cerned about the screen res­o­lu­tion of the 6 – only the 6 Plus is Full HD – and it still doesn’t bring any­thing gen­uinely new to the ta­ble. And the price tag is re­ally high…” John McCann Deputy Ed­i­tor, Phones and Tablets, Fu­ture Tech­nol­ogy Group

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