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make calls any more, you can get them started with Ap­ple early, with their very own de­vice, pre-in­stalled with only their favourite apps. Set up a sep­a­rate iCloud ac­count so they can’t pur­chase any apps with­out your per­mis­sion, or use the new Fam­ily Shar­ing op­tions in iOS 8.

There are also some re­ally fun toys that kids could use an iPhone as a re­mote con­trol for, such as Par­rot’s Rolling Spi­der and Jumping Sumo Minidrones (£90 and £140 re­spec­tively, from par­ or the Sphero Ro­bot Ball (, £70). De­pend­ing on the model, you could also at­tach an iOS games con­troller such as the MOGA Ace Power (mo­gaany­, £60), which of­fers ex­tra power as well as phys­i­cal games con­trol but­tons for com­pat­i­ble iPhone mod­els.

And never for­get that the iPhone is so much more than just a phone. Don’t dis­re­gard the op­tion of us­ing it as a good old­fash­ioned (well, to a cer­tain de­gree) spare point-and-shoot cam­era. It could also be a great use for an old iPod touch! Al­ter­na­tively, you could use your old de­vice as a FaceTimeded­i­cated phone.

An old iPhone can also be use­ful as a re­mote con­trol with an Ap­ple TV or a Mac us­ing Ap­ple’s Re­mote app, or even as a

To re­store data from an iTunes backup, sim­ply plug your iPhone into your com­puter

kind of en­ter­tain­ment hub for the liv­ing room – you could stream video to an Ap­ple TV with Air­Play, or from com­pat­i­ble apps to a Chromecast (, £30). When you fi­nally have your pre­cious iPhone in your hands, you’re go­ing to want to start us­ing it as soon as pos­si­ble. If you’ve fol­lowed our backup steps, you’ll be up and run­ning in no time.

When you turn on your new de­vice for the first time, you’ll be met with a wel­come screen and a setup as­sis­tant that will guide you through a few sim­ple steps. When you reach the Set Up Your iPhone screen, you’ll see three op­tions: ‘Set up as new iPhone’, ‘Re­store from iCloud backup’ and ‘Re­store from iTunes Backup’. Choos­ing the iCloud op­tion will prompt you to en­ter your user­name and pass­word and give you a drop­down menu con­tain­ing your back­ups. Se­lect the most re­cent and you’ll be on your way.

To re­store data from an iTunes backup, you can plug it into your com­puter or pour data into it over Wi-Fi. All of your apps and set­tings will mi­grate from your old de­vice to the new one, and any me­dia you had stored will be reloaded (even­tu­ally!) too. The ini­tial part of the process should only take a few min­utes, but it might be an hour or more be­fore ev­ery­thing’s synced back into place if you had a large, full de­vice.

And voilà. That’s it. You’re done. Oh, wait… don’t for­get to set iCloud back­ups on your new de­vice!

Don’t just place your old iPhone in a drawer to col­lect dust. It could be used as a cam­era or a re­mote

con­trol for all kinds of fun toys and gad­gets. An old iPhone could even be used in con­junc­tion with an Ap­ple TV with Air­Play.

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