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Look­ing for an Aper­ture re­place­ment? Here we in­tro­duce Adobe’s of­fer­ing

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Aper­ture is dead. The app might still run for now, but there will be no up­dates, and its sta­bil­ity on fu­ture ver­sions of OS X isn’t guar­an­teed. Un­til we know more de­tails about Ap­ple’s new Pho­tos app, the first name that springs to mind when think­ing of Aper­ture re­place­ments is Adobe Pho­to­shop Light­room.

Light­room can be bought as a stand­alone app for around £100. How­ever, what Adobe would re­ally like for you to do is sign up for its Cre­ative Cloud Pho­tog­ra­phy Pro­gram, which gets you both Light­room and a full copy of Pho­to­shop CC for £9 a month. This isn’t that bad a deal; it’ll be almost 18 months be­fore you start pay­ing more than you would have for the stand­alone Light­room and cut-down Pho­to­shop El­e­ments apps (here you get full­strength Pho­to­shop), dur­ing which time new ver­sions of each prob­a­bly will have been re­leased – mean­ing more cost if you wanted to up­grade. Sign­ing up to Cre­ative Cloud means you get the up­dates with­out spend­ing ex­tra, and nets you 20GB of cloud stor­age, too.

It does mean, how­ever, that if you stop pay­ing, the apps stop work­ing. If

Sign­ing up to Cre­ative Cloud means you get up­grades with­out spend­ing ex­tra

you just want to try it out, Light­room is avail­able as a 30-day trial from­ucts/pho­to­shop­light­room.html along with the rest of the Cre­ative Cloud apps. You need to be on­line to in­stall, and have to sign in ev­ery 30 days to val­i­date your mem­ber­ship, but oth­er­wise your apps should run per­fectly well off­line. The apps can also be in­stalled on two com­put­ers (Mac or PC).

Once you’ve got it in­stalled (we liked the in­staller that downloads just to down­load and in­stall another in­staller) you’ll no­tice some dif­fer­ences be­tween it and Aper­ture, if you’re used to the lat­ter. The in­ter­face is darker, although this can be changed in the pref­er­ences, and is split into a se­ries of mod­ules in con­trast to Aper­ture’s all-in-one win­dow.

With the news that Ap­ple is re­tir­ing Aper­ture, let us get you up to speed with Light­room.

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