How do I up­grade if I can’t use the main hard disk?

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My son re­cently tried to re­ac­ti­vate his World of War­craft ac­count so that he could play the new ex­pan­sion. Ev­ery time he tried to log in, it said that the servers were full and when I even­tu­ally called Bliz­zard cus­tomer support, they said that this was be­cause we were not fully up­graded (I’m us­ing Snow Leopard). I’ve tried to down­load Mav­er­icks from the App Store but ev­ery time it tells me that ‘This disk can­not be used to start up your com­puter’. What can I do? I only have one disk! Claire Theobald The ‘server full’ mes­sage is un­help­fully cryp­tic, but it seems the World of War­craft launcher was changed back at the time of the pre­vi­ous ex­pan­sion (Mists of Pan­daria) and now re­quires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or bet­ter. This nor­mally ought not to be a prob­lem for you. Mav­er­icks is free and up­grad­ing from Snow Leopard is just a mat­ter of hit­ting the ‘Up­grade’ but­ton on the App Store. It’s likely not to have worked for you be­cause the par­ti­tion ta­ble is slightly cor­rupt. This could in­di­cate a faulty disk, or it could just be ‘one of those things’. Hap­pily, there’s a sim­ple fix. Boot from the orig­i­nal Snow Leopard in­stall disk (restart with held down) and open Disk Util­ity from the in­stal­la­tion menu there. Se­lect your startup disk, click the Par­ti­tion tab and drag the re­size han­dle in the bot­tom-right of the rec­tan­gle that shows the par­ti­tion lay­out. Shrink the par­ti­tion by a small amount – any­thing over 128MB. Don’t shrink it into the blue sec­tion of the par­ti­tion or you’ll lose data. Click Ap­ply, restart and try in­stalling Mav­er­icks again. Then re­boot in Re­cov­ery mode (hold down ç+R while restart­ing) and use Disk Util­ity to move the par­ti­tion bound­ary back so that it fills the disk again.


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