Did I kill the pix­els on my mon­i­tor?

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Help! I think I may have mucked up my ex­ter­nal mon­i­tor! I have a 4K Seiki tele­vi­sion that I’m us­ing as a mon­i­tor for my Mac­Book Pro, run­ning Mav­er­icks. While fid­dling around, I changed the Dis­play Pref­er­ences to 1080p on the mon­i­tor and now I can’t get out of it! My only op­tions are 1080p and 720p. I’ve tried re­in­stalling OS X, do­ing a fac­tory re­set on the TV and re­set­ting the PRAM. Could I have phys­i­cally dam­aged the TV by run­ning the wrong res­o­lu­tion? James Grafton No. I think you’ve just turned off HiDPI mode. This is the dou­bleres­o­lu­tion that Retina dis­plays use; 4K tele­vi­sions work the same way. Once you’ve switched off HiDPI mode, Dis­play Pref­er­ences shows only the or­di­nary low res­o­lu­tions. You may find that you get the Retina res­o­lu­tions back in Safe Mode though, so it’s worth try­ing. Oth­er­wise, you can force HiDPI back on via Ter­mi­nal: sudo de­faults write /Li­brary/Pref­er­ences/ com.ap­ple.win­dowserver.plist Dis­playRes­o­lu­tionEn­abled -bool true Restart after you’ve en­tered it. If you find your­self do­ing this a lot, try an app called Res­o­lu­tionTab on the App Store for £1.49. It lets you do it via a menu bar icon.

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