My mon­i­tor only mis­be­haves at home

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My 27-inch Thun­der­bolt Dis­play keeps blank­ing out mo­men­tar­ily. Some­times it’s oc­ca­sional, some­times it’s con­stant; it started a cou­ple of months after I bought it. I’ve taken it to the Ap­ple Store twice, and on both oc­ca­sions there was no prob­lem dur­ing the test­ing process. The mo­ment I take it home it starts again. What do I do? Ram Rav­is­hankar There was a firmware fault that in­ter­mit­tently blanked the dis­play and dis­con­nected USB de­vices. That was sup­pos­edly fixed back in 2012, but if you haven’t in­stalled all avail­able up­dates from Soft­ware Up­date, it’s pos­si­ble yours hasn’t been patched yet. Also, some Mac minis have had prob­lems with glitchy dis­play out­put on the HDMI con­nec­tion. Try con­nect­ing the mon­i­tor to some­thing else; that would be a use­ful test to see whether it’s the mon­i­tor or the Mac dis­play card. It’s also worth un­plug­ging any USB de­vices from the mon­i­tor. If it turns out to be a hard­ware fault with the mon­i­tor, you’ll likely have to pay for an Ap­ple Store (or au­tho­rised re­pair cen­tre) to fix it; that won’t be cheap. Although the fault be­gan inside the war­ranty pe­riod, you are now out­side the EU two-year war­ranty limit. The onus is on you to prove it was a pre-ex­ist­ing fault.

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