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What do the ‘traf­fic light’ but­tons at the top-left of ev­ery win­dow ac­tu­ally do? If I hit it min­imises the win­dow, and the yel­low but­ton seems to do the same. But hit­ting is not the same as click­ing the red but­ton. The lat­ter some­times closes the app and some­times just shuts the win­dow. And as for the green but­ton, it seems to ran­domly change the shape and size of the win­dow and there isn’t any key­board short­cut that I know of. Alan Gilpin The red but­ton isn’t the same as

it’s the same as which is ‘close win­dow’. In apps that only ever have one win­dow (such as Notes), and do the same thing, but in apps that al­low for mul­ti­ple win­dows, re­peat­edly hit­ting will leave you with no win­dows, but the app it­self will still be run­ning, as shown by the Dock icon and the menu bar. The green but­ton is called Zoom and it toggles the win­dow size be­tween the min­i­mum size it needs to be to dis­play the cur­rent con­tents prop­erly, and the last size you set it to. There’s no short­cut for it by de­fault, but apps that support it have a menu item on the Win­dow menu to ac­ti­vate it. Apps that can’t be zoomed show the green but­ton greyed out. If you re­ally want a key­board short­cut for this you can cre­ate one in Key­board Pref­er­ences. In Yosemite, the green but­ton has been changed to trig­ger the full screen mode in apps that have one.

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