SSDNow V310 960GB

A fast drive with am­ple space to re­place a MacBook’s hard drive

Mac Format - - RATED | KIT - £400 Man­u­fac­turer Kingston Tech­nol­ogy, Form fac­tor 2.5-inch Con­nec­tor SATA III Weight 92.5g In­cludes Adapter to fit 9.5mm drive bay Ex­cel­lent trans­fer rates Very com­fort­able ca­pac­ity Cost is high Heav­ier than some SSDs

The cost of a (nearly!) 1TB SSD has fallen, but it’s still a lux­ury item. We tested this one us­ing an ex­ter­nal StarTech USB 3.0 en­clo­sure, but you could in­stead re­place a MacBook Pro’s old hard drive with it to boost re­spon­sive­ness.

In our tests, the V310’s se­quen­tial trans­fer rates peaked at 436.7MB/sec and av­er­aged 365.3MB/sec when read­ing data, and 409.4MB/sec and 339.8MB/sec re­spec­tively when writ­ing it. In ran­dom trans­fers of small data up to 1MB in size – re­flect­ing back­ground sys­tem ac­tiv­ity and app launches – the drive com­pares well to Samsung’s 840 Evo in the same en­clo­sure. In fact, the V310 was never more than 2MB/sec apart from that drive’s mean av­er­age trans­fer rates.

The 3Gbps SATA-II in­ter­face in a pre-2011 MacBook would limit per­for­mance of this and many other SSDs, though it’d still be much bet­ter than a hard drive. Kingston’s reck­oned 2,728TB for to­tal bytes writ­ten (TBW) in the drive’s life works out at 249 years when writ­ing 30GB per day – but this doesn’t fac­tor into the three-year war­ranty. Per­for­mance and the­o­ret­i­cal longevity aren’t what stops us rec­om­mend­ing the V310. In­stead, it’s the high price, be­cause you can pick up a 1TB 840 Evo for £110 less. Alan Stone­bridge

The V310 is fast and ca­pa­cious, but its cur­rent price isn’t com­pet­i­tive enough for us to rec­om­mend it.

The V310 can re­place a MacBook’s 2.5-inch hard drive, or be put in an ex­ter­nal en­clo­sure.

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