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Publish and be slightly less an­noyed, so long as you’re us­ing Word­Press

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - £10.49 De­vel­oper Bl­ogo Inc, get­bl­ OS OS X 10.8 Re­quires Word­Press blog Ex­cel­lent im­age ed­i­tor Very us­able off­line Lack of ad­vanced fea­tures… … and a few ba­sic ones too

While the Word­Press dash­board isn’t the most in­tim­i­dat­ing thing in the world, al­ter­na­tives never hurt. Bl­ogo is the lat­est blog­ging client for writ­ing on the desk­top or on the move when you don’t have in­ter­net ac­cess to log into your site, with support for Tum­blr and Blog­ger sites on the way.

It’s a very sleek of­fer­ing, with some clever tricks like snag­ging your tem­plate once so that you can view posts in situ with­out a con­nec­tion, pro­vid­ing an easy way of han­dling com­ments, and syn­chro­nis­ing with Ever­note. Its best fea­ture is eas­ily an in­te­grated im­age ed­i­tor that al­lows for easy crop­ping, re­siz­ing and ba­sic fil­ters. All of that works re­ally well.

For more ad­vanced users though, it’s miss­ing far too many now stan­dard fea­tures. It can’t see cus­tom post types (only pages and posts, which it mashes to­gether) or as­sign page for­mats. It mixes cat­e­gories up with tags, cre­at­ing new ones when told to, but not giv­ing a list of ex­ist­ing ones to se­lect from. Most bizarrely, while it sup­ports fea­tured images, it doesn’t support stan­dard im­age cap­tions – only alt and ti­tle text fields. You also can’t open up a raw ver­sion of a post for do­ing fancy stuff like adding CSS styling on an im­age, or embed non-sup­ported me­dia, like a Twitch video stream. Word­Press is far more than just a blog en­gine th­ese days, and if you’re us­ing it for any more than the ba­sics, the many omis­sions leave you no choice but to work in the dash­board. Bl­ogo is a good start, but with a long way to go. Richard Cobbett

A solid enough tool for Word­Press blogs, but not ready for a world where it runs en­tire sites.

If it em­braces more of what Word­Press can do, Bl­ogo could be a great way to work.

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