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How fast is it to get up and run­ning?

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Here, Premiere El­e­ments clearly has an ad­van­tage. As a ‘pro­sumer’ tool, it ex­pects to give you a help­ing hand with fea­tures like try­ing to au­to­mat­i­cally make the video for you and pre­sent­ing tools in terms of tasks rather than sim­ply bury­ing them. That said, if you switch it into Ex­pert mode, it will mostly get out of your way. Its big brother, Premiere Pro, is un­sur­pris­ingly faster if you know what you're do­ing, though it does ex­pect you to learn. In the mid­dle, Fi­nal Cut Pro finds a good com­pro­mise. It’s a sleek, mod­ern ap­proach whose philoso­phies will be fa­mil­iar after us­ing other Ap­ple tools, and its spe­cific tools tend to be a frac­tion eas­ier to use. The afore­men­tioned colour cor­rec­tion is a good ex­am­ple: it’s split into colour, sat­u­ra­tion and ex­po­sure, even if it is tucked out of the way. Light­works is un­usual, but eas­ily grasped. On the other side of the ex­per­tise curve, Avid is for pro­fes­sion­als and pro­fes­sion­als only, while poor Jahshaka again strug­gles to com­bine its tools with ease of use.

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