Jumping Sumo

Scare your chums with a drone

Mac Format - - CONTENTS - £140 Man­u­fac­turer Par­rot, par­rot.com Con­nec­tion Wi-Fi Weight 180g Bat­tery life Around 20 min­utes Good con­trols It jumps! High! Built-in cam­era Short bat­tery life

This two-wheeled re­mote con­trol ve­hi­cle zips around the floor at a fair pace, turns sharply, fea­tures a front-fac­ing cam­era and – most im­por­tantly – jumps up to 80cm in the air on com­mand.

It’s all con­trolled from an iOS de­vice, which it con­nects to over Wi-Fi, en­abling it to stream video to the iOS de­vice con­stantly. This means you can drive it in a firstper­son view, which is use­ful, be­cause its sharp han­dling is of­ten dif­fi­cult to get to grips with when look­ing down at it zip­ping around the floor. You steer by tilt­ing the iOS de­vice, and move a slider to go for­ward or back. Clev­erly, it of­fers swipe con­trol for 90° or 180° turns on the spot, which makes life a lot eas­ier.

The jumping is a dra­matic af­fair, with a lever at the back pulling into the Jumping Sumo and then fir­ing out to send it springing from the floor. It makes a pretty big noise but works re­ally well, and with prac­tice you can leap it up onto chairs and then ta­bles, to the dis­may/fury of ev­ery­one nearby. After a jump it tends to tum­ble around, but makes an ef­fort to sta­bilise it­self so it doesn’t fling away too far. With some one-tap move­ment op­tions for show­ing off (such as spin­ning on the spot) it’s im­pres­sive to play with and, cru­cially, it’s ro­bust, too.

The big down­side is its 20-minute bat­tery life, which runs out just as you’re re­ally get­ting into the swing, usu­ally. Also, if you want to record its video feed, you need to at­tach a USB drive, which is a bit clunky. Still, the key thing is it’s mas­sively, stupidly good fun. Matt Bolton

Lu­di­crously good fun to send zip­ping around, and the jumping is great. Shame about the bat­tery life.

The Jumping Sumo has glow­ing ‘eyes’ – when they turn red, it’s ac­tu­ally kind of men­ac­ing.

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