Me­mor­ing USB Flash Drive

Mac Format - - APPLEWOR LD - $28 (about £17) mol­las­

What is it? We’ve prob­a­bly all had a time when we needed to give a large file to some­one, and the eas­i­est way to do that was ‘sneak­er­net’ – car­ry­ing it to them on a USB drive. But what if you for­get the drive? What if it falls out of your pocket? Isn’t there a bet­ter way to carry the drive? Well, we’re not sure about ‘bet­ter’, but this is def­i­nitely an al­ter­na­tive: this 4GB drive is a ring. As in, for your fin­ger. Walk around with it at­tached to your hand and it’ll be easy to know it’s still with you, safe and sound. When’s it due? Put a ring on it right now. Why are we ex­cited? We can think of few things that do such a good job of solv­ing a prob­lem while also be­ing so un­ten­able as an ac­tual so­lu­tion. With this on your fin­ger, we’ve no doubt that you re­ally would al­ways know your files are safe, but… it’s huge. It’s so chunky that you’d start to have the prob­lem of never, ever be­ing able to for­get it’s there. It’s so dis­tract­ing. Still, at least it comes in a range of funky colours, and though it’s poor value for a 4GB drive, it’s not the worst we’ve ever seen, see­ing as it does some­thing else, er, ‘clever’.

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