Mobee Magic Hub

Mac Format - - APPLEWOR LD - €50 (about £39) mobeetech­nol­

What is it? If you charge a lot of de­vices from your iMac, this could be a big help. The Magic Hub sits on the back of your iMac’s stand, slot­ting into the round hole de­signed for pass­ing the power cable through. The hub it­self ac­tu­ally then plugs into your iMac’s power socket, with the mains plug then plug­ging into the hub in­stead. This en­ables the hub to pass power to your iMac, but also siphon some off for the four USB charg­ing ports it of­fers, mean­ing that you can charge even iPads quickly at your desk. When’s it due? By the end of Oc­to­ber. Why are we ex­cited? Not ev­ery­one will find this that use­ful (es­pe­cially those that don’t own an iMac…), but hav­ing four pow­ered USB ports re­ally is hugely use­ful if you have a lot of things to charge – and the de­sign is re­ally clever.

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